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Empower Yourself
Against Prediabetes

Take Charge of Your Health

Prediabetes puts a person at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, but fortunately, the prediabetes can be reversed. We aim to educate and activate seafarers and fishermen through their own efforts with the support of our coaches to reverse their prediabetes.

Understanding Prediabetes

To be diagnosed with pre-diabetes is not dangerous but it can develop into diabetes mellitus type 2, heart disease, and high blood pressure or you can get your full health again through your own efforts with help from our skilled "coaches"  

Our evidence-based backgground

Literature reviews show that pre-diabetes can be reversed, in various industries. We hypothesize the same can be achieved in the maritime area through a scientific intervention study, helping you to change lifestyle.

Invitation to a pilot project

Samples of seafarers from the maritime medical clinics (n=3-5) from each clinic with newly diagnosed pre-diabetes(HbA1c) levels from 5.7% to 6.4% constitute the study population in a 16-week pre-diabetes coaching program.  

The coaching process!

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Data Reporting Forms  

Leaf Pattern Design

Research Method 

Citrus Fruits

Empowerment through Knowledge


Education & Awareness

Understanding the impact of lifestyle on prediabetes.


Personalized Approach

Tailored programs to suit individual needs and goals.


Continuous Support

Guidance throughout your journey to get rid of pre-diabetes


Healthy Community

As an important step forward, shipping can be a supportive community focused on pre-diabetes remission

Start Your Journey

Begin your path to a healthier future today

Presentation, April 2024, Spain

At the end of the course, celebrate the good results and continue to reverse prediabetes. Talk with the Coach and colleagues to continue the good results, make a follow-up talk in 1 year as example.

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